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A Designer’s Path to Establishing a Unique Brand and Creating a Fashion Legacy

Published on The Ritz Herald – February 26, 2024

Fashion’s future shaped by a visionary blending Italian elegance with New York chic

Published on Digital Journal – February 1, 2024

From Milan to Manhattan, a Fashion Maestro Pioneers New Avenues of Style and Innovation

Published on Madison Graph – February 1, 2024

Entertainment Exclusive: Latest on Fashion Designer Clio Barcella!

Published on Starz Treasure – January, 2024

ELEGANCE & HIGH FASHION: Get To Know Creative Fashion Designer Clio Barcella!

Published on Celebz Treasure – January, 2024

Clio Barcella

Published on PhotoVogue

L’abbigliamento femminile clioK: “Con il look si può esprimere la propria unicità”

Published on Bergamo News – June 3, 2020

La signora della camicie è bergamasca

Published on QUI Bergamo – May 5, 2020